Redback 30W 3 Input 100V Public Address (PA) Amplifier


A 4024

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A cornerstone of the Redback range, the 30W amplifier is designed to meet the needs of small to medium public address installations. It features VOX muting, three combined balanced microphone/stereo line inputs, tape output, and separate bass and treble controls, making it versatile for various installation applications such as schools, public halls, workshops, and sporting complexes. The amplifier supports both 100V line and low impedance (8-16Ω) speaker loads and includes thermal overload shutdown, overcurrent, and short circuit protection for reliable performance.




  • VOX Muting on Input 1: Automatically mutes inputs 2 and 3 when activated.
  • Installation: Desk (A4024) and Rack (A4026) mount versions available.
  • Balanced Microphone Inputs: Ensures clear and consistent audio quality.
  • Output Muting Circuit: Mutes amplifier output when Mute Trigger terminals are closed, ideal for emergency override situations.
  • Stereo Line Inputs & Tape Output: Offers flexibility for various audio sources.
  • Bass and Treble Tone Controls: Customize audio output to suit your environment.
  • Versatile Output Terminals: Compatible with both 100V line and 8-16Ω speaker loads.
  • Robust Protection: Includes over-voltage, overcurrent, thermal run-away, and short circuit load protection for enhanced durability.


Experience the reliable performance and versatility of the Redback 30W amplifier, designed to handle a wide range of public address needs with ease.





  • Power Output:. 30 Watts RMS
  • T.H.D.: typically < 0.5% @ 1kHz
  • Frequency Response:
    • Microphone: 52Hz - 10kHz, ±3dB
    • Auxiliary: 40Hz - 10kHz, ±3dB
  • Speaker Outputs: 100V (330Ω) (floating) or 8 - 16Ω (0V referenced)
  • Noise Level: All volume controls min: Typically 76dB below rated output (All inputs display same signal to noise ratio)
  • A4024 Desk Mount
    • Dimensions: ≈ 300W x 220D x 80H mm
    • Weight: ≈ A4024 4.1kg or 
  • A4026 Rack Mount
    • Dimensions: ≈ 483W x 220D x 88H mm
    • Weight: ≈ 5.1kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Accessories: IEC Mains Lead


Output Connectors

  • Speakers: Screw Terminals
  • Tape Output: RCA Stereo Socket


Input Sensitivity

  • Mic 1: 2.6mV Balanced or 3.2mV Unbalanced
  • Mic 2: 2.6mV Balanced
  • Mic 3: 2.6mV Balanced
  • Aux 1: 150mV
  • Aux 2: 150mV
  • Aux 3: 150mV



PTT Via Microphone

Switch Contacts or Optional VOX Muting

-79dB below rated output


Input Connectors

  • Mic 1: 3 pin XLR balanced 
  • Mic 2: 3 pin XLR balanced
  • Mic 3: 3 pin XLR balanced
  • Aux 1: RCA Stereo Socket
  • Aux 2: RCA Stereo Socket
  • Aux 3: RCA Stereo Socket
  • 240V AC Power: IEC Type Chassis Socket



  • Input 1 (Mic 1 / Aux 1): Volume
  • Input 2 (Mic 2 / Aux 2): Volume
  • Input 3 (Mic 3 / Aux 3): Volume
  • Bass: ±10dB @ 100Hz
  • Treble: ±13dB @ 10kHz
  • Power: On/Off Switch
  • Power Supply: 240V AC
  • Indicators: Power on LED
  • Protection: AC Fuse 0.5A, DC Fuse 2 x 3A (internal)


*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Redback 30W 3 Input 100V Public Address (PA) Amplifier

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