Okayo Dual Channel UHF Wireless Audio Link Receiver 520-544MHz (C7281A)


C 7281A

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The Okayo Dual Channel UHF Wireless Audio Link Receiver is the perfect solution for extending a PA system to nearby buildings where cabling is either impossible or impractical. The desktop transmitter accepts a standard paging microphone or a line-level feed from the existing PA system and transmits it to the receiver unit in the remote location. The receiver then feeds the signal into the amplifier at that location, allowing any program source fed into the primary amplifier to be relayed to the remote PA system.

This system is ideal for both permanent and temporary installations, such as PA systems at carnivals, sporting events, mine sites, construction sites, agricultural shows, and more. With a transmission range of up to 100 meters line of sight under optimal conditions, it ensures seamless audio connectivity across locations.



  • Dual channel 96 UHF frequencies in 520 - 544MHz UHF Band
  • Range up to 100m (line of sight under optimal conditions)
  • Provides balanced mic or line level outputs
  • 3 pin XLR or 6.35mm jack connection
  • Hi/low impedance selector
  • Size: 215W x 210D x 44Hmm.
  • Power Supply Included
  • Compatible with Okayo belt pack and handheld transmitters sold separately


Okayo Dual Channel UHF Wireless Audio Link Receiver 520-544MHz (C7281A)

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